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If you are looking for quality, different and interesting artisan wines that are hard to find elsewhere, you're on the right page. Vinek selects and imports unique wines from small, independent wineries, made from indigenous grape varieties in small quantities, that appeal to wine lovers and connoisseurs.

Wines that tell the story of where and how they were made, that reflect their terroir and history and the vivid culture behind them.

Vinek is a young, vibrant wine importing business supplying top quality, individual wines to appreciative wine lovers, initially focussing on Italy. We don't sell cheap wines: we concentrate on top quality wines that represent excellent value for money.

To find them, Elena (Vinek's highly qualified owner) visited every winery personally, getting to know the makers and ensuring they share her values and ethics.

These family wineries have strong local reputations. You'll find their wines in many Michelin starred and other highly rated restaurants and prestigious hotels in their regions. They use high quality grapes, grown using natural, sustainable and organic methods.

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These vine growers and winemakers have a long connection with their region, their soil and their grapes, allied to passion, energy and enthusiasm.

The winemakers use traditional techniques with a modern twist, not afraid of innovation but not using it just for innovation's sake. They are continually evaluating and developing new ideas, new approaches and new markets. They are full of excitement about their wines and so is everyone at Vinek.

And we are sure you will be too, as soon as you try them.

These are social wines for sharing, pairing with food, drinking now while they are young and fresh or for laying down to mature and develop complexity for your own enjoyment or for investment.

We could add that we can help with wine and food pairing suggestions, we deal with orders quickly and efficiently and offer rapid delivery times but so does everyone else. What makes Vinek different is the personal touch, the relationship between the makers, the wines, Elena... and you.

If that sounds like your sort of wines and your sort of wine merchant get in touch and discover these superb, individual, classically modern wines for yourself.

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